Call Your Pet's Favorite Uncle !!!
Trainning & Gromming

"Don't blame them, train them"

Positive reinforcement is our technique for training all Adult Dogs and Puppies. I have trained with Caesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer and know how to integrate all animals of all kinds to socialize in a more perfect situation that will allow your pet's to accept any and all other dogs and cats in your home.

Grooming: We groom and bath Dogs and Cats. Inspect Teeth, clean ears, and disinfect, cut nails and anal expression. Professional Grooming at it's best.

If your pet is Boarded at Uncle jeff's you have the option to have your pet Groomed and have a full anesthesia Free Dental Cleaning done before pick up of your precious Dog or Cat.

Expert Anesthesia Free Dental Cleaning for Dogs and Cats by a Certified Veterinarian Technican Here or at your Home with Gentile, Soothing and Calming Techniques That Will Minimize Stress and Trauma.